Rogar was founded in Abilene, Texas in the year 1975. The goal then, as now, was to design, manufacture and market top quality products. By focusing on fine craftsmanship, unique products and innovative packaging, Rogar has become a leader in the sales of antique-style wine openers, hanging and wall-mounted pot racks and other fine products. Today, Rogar is located and manufacturers in Petersburg, Virginia, USA.

Rogar Pot Racks

Rogar Pot RacksRogar produces a wide variety of stylish kitchen pot racks that very affordable. Most are priced under $100. Included with the pot rack are accessories such as grid, hanging chain, ceiling hooks, and pot hooks. Ceiling mounted and wall mounted racks are available.

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Rogar Wine Bottle Openers

The Rogar Champion Wine Opener recreates the classic lines and distinctive artwork of the original 1897 champion wine opener. Until then, cork removal could be quite a challenge on a busy night in restaurants, saloons, or public houses in 19th century America. American ingenuity led to the invention and development of the "bar corkscrew". The original Champion wine opener was first manufactured in 1897, quickly became very popular - one was even found in the home of Al Capone. Improvements on the design of the Rogar Champion Wine Opener have been made, using modern materials and reworking the internal mechanism to achieve the utmost reliability and ease of operation. The Rogar Champion Wine Bottle design enables you to open both standard and the new flange-top wine bottles, uncorking or re-corking in one effortless motion.

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